Lables, Decisions and Fear

Labels. I hate them. I really do. All they do is confuse me. They also make me unsure. Which is pretty funny because anyone who knows me well knows that once I make up my mind about something there is absolutely no budging, no changing, no waffling. Recently though I have found myself being so fearful to make a decision about how we will be schooling Maggie. Homeschool has always been the decision since before she was born. HOW we are going to do it is what I keep going back and forth on. Darn labels! Relaxed vs. Unschooling. I keep holding on to relaxed because thats what I feel comfortable with. But Maggie on the other hand is such unschool material. I have to keep reminding myself this isn’t about me. This is Maggie’s education. So I am going to do it. I am going to jump in and officially unschool. The “label” we are claiming is unschooling.

We are going into this with an open mind. I am not going to get stuck in some category of how to educate my child. As time goes I am pretty sure that things will change, we will do some things, drop other things. Whatever happens I am excited. I am excited to go on this wonderful journey with my daughter and husband. I couldn’t think of two better people to share this adventure with!

Now, just because I have made up my mind does not mean I got rid of my fear! I admit, I am still scared. But I am confident that things will be just fine. I will fit nicely into my role as an unschool mom. I am jumping in with both feet and eyes wide open!


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