Making pretty things!

Maggie has discovered the art of making jewelry! We have a small bead store in town that we have tried to go to on several occasions. They have kind of weird store hours, but even when you go during those hours it’s not a guarantee that they are open. We have lived her for almost 2 years now and we finally hit the jackpot last Thursday when we were in town. We were at the health food store across the street and we noticed they were open. Of course we ran across the street to make sure we got there before they decided to close for whatever reason. That’s the downfall of small town living! LOL

Anyhow, Maggie and I walked around with our jaws wide open, like kids in a candy store. Maggie found a cute little kit to make necklaces(they give you enough materials to make two necklaces), we made 1 necklace and one bracelet. We have enough stuff to make a whole other set! Pretty impressive that the kit was only $5.50. Not only did we get enough to make two necklaces and two bracelets, but there are plenty of green beads for another project!

Here is the kit:



Admittedly, the two silver charms were not part of the kit. Even if we hadn’t used them we still would have had lots of leftovers from the kit. For .20 cents a piece, who could resist a cute silver frog and crown??

We are heading into town in a little bit….hoping the store is open so we can get more beads and stuff!


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