Flat Sarah does Las Vegas!

Here is our first update from Flat Sarah on her trip to Vegas!

My dearest Maggie,

I have arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada! It is very hot here, it is a pretty big city with lots of lights and signs flashing. Las Vegas is a very big vacation place where people come and spend lots and lots of money in the casinos, eating at the fancy restaurants or buffets and just having a good time. There are lots of places that look very similar to where you are right now, there are tons of Churches, stores, schools, parks and houses. The family I am staying with has 5 children Joey (who took the pictures) is 15, Kayla is 17, Jessica is 12, Brianna is 10 and the baby Micah is 1. I have been having lots of fun with them especially watching Sesame Street with the baby he LOVES Elmo and all his friends. Tonight I am going to church with the family and will include a picture tomorrow.

Here is a picture of me, Jessica and Brianna! I will send some more tomorrow.

Sounds like Flat Sarah is having a great time! Thank you Michele and family for taking such good care of Flat Sarah! 🙂


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