Such a hectic time!

We are in the process of moving. We are very excited, but also worn out! Between packing up our stuff at the old house and moving things in the new house and making it “ours” we have been very busy. Maggie is totally beside herself. Not only does she have a big backyard to play in, but there is a swingset and a great rope swing but there are several kids in our small, quiet neighborhood. The biggest excitement for her is her good friend Heather is one house away. I am excited because there are already 7 raised garden boxes that are sitting there waiting for me to plant our garden! We have been picking peaches off the tree and watching the apples growing on another tree.
Maggie’s Papa is coming up in the next couple of weeks to build her a house. Can’t wait! We are going to put it under the Mimosa tree.

The downside to the house is the people who lived there before us didn’t take good care of the front or backyard. So we are doing a lot of cleaning. Honestly, Chris and I aren’t too bummed out about it. We love yard work, we love to fix things up, so we are having fun planning and figuring out what we are going to do with it. The backyard has a great two level deck that is going to be a lot of fun to have! Can’t wait for BBQ’s in our backyard!

I got a great unit study on Dirt from Lesson Pathways. Maggie has been having a blast playing in the yard. She was out in the front side yard the other day with her dolls, she was dressed up as Snow White and was making “mud hot chocolate” for her dolls. She is having a blast in the dirt, so why not throw a bit of education in there too!


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