Flat Sarah does Edmund OK!

Behind on my Flat Sarah update since the move. My sweet friend Amanda and her daughter Kaitlyn took good care of her and showed her a good time in Oklahome! Here is a recap of her time there!

Flat Sarah landing safely in Edmond, Oklahoma on August 26th. Edmond, OK is located 5 minutes north of Oklahoma City. When she first arrived, it was very rainy but this weekend we have had beautiful weather. When we took her out for her pictures, it was clear sky’s and in the 80’s. Very beautiful.

Edmond, OK is the birthplace of Shannon Miller, who is an Olympic Gymnast. We have a park and many roads named after her. By the park, our town buried a time capsule that will be opened in 30 years. We hope we still live here when it is opened!
We also have the very first schoolhouse that was in Oklahoma which was built in 1889. At that time, it was in the middle of a huge field, and children had to walk quite a distance to attend. Now, the school is on a very busy street surrounded by restaurants and stores. We take very good care of it, to ensure it will always be around to visit and remember.

Edmond, OK is a wonderful, safe place to live. There are many things to do and lots of lakes to swim in.

Flat Sarah was a wonderful guest and after a long day of pictures we all enjoyed McDonalds. Kaitlyn will miss her- but we know she still has lots of traveling to do!

Pictures of Amanda, Kaitlyn and Flat Sarah!


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