He never gives us more than we can handle, right?

Today was my husbands official last day of work. We have known about this since Sept. Chances are it will sell (its been for sale, several people are interested) and he will get his job back. But still, it’s a bummer. This job was ideal for us. It was 6 minutes from our house, the hours were perfect, the perks were great and he was just really, really happy working there. I think he is more bummed that he was leaving a job he loved more than the fact he is without a job. He and his manager became quick, close friends. He got a long with everyone there. I hope it sells soon and reopens. It makes my heart happy to send my husband off for 8 hours of our day to a place he is happy at.
On a better note, he does have another job if/when he decides to take it. When the news broke out the resort was closing his old boss called and said he has room for Chris and would love to have him back. I take great comfort in knowing that we have that offer. I feel bad for the 600+ people who worked at the resort that may not have something to fall back on.

Happier news…..my garden is doing great. I can’t wait to start eating from it! Soon! Very soon! I took some pictures about a week ago. Excuse the fact that i’m a bit behind on my weeding. Whatever made me sick kicked my butt…but i’m ready now to fight those unwanted garden invaders!

My butter lettuce looks so pretty!

I’ve never grown Brussels Sprouts before. I am impatiently waiting to see what happens.

Swiss Chard…one of my all time favorites!

I am absolutely loving growing my garden. I have been plotting and planning how, what and where for my Spring garden.

The chicken coop is done! YEAY! The girls started staying out in their palace last week. They LOVE it. And not only do I love it because they do, I love it because we have our master bathroom back! Even though its the 3 of us, I am so spoiled having that second bathroom!

Here are a few shots of the girls on their maiden voyage to the big wooden box in our garage they now call home!

Checking out their new digs!

And, Mary Virginia (or as Maggie calls her Mary Baginia) doing what the girls do every morning the door opens. Runs over to greet whoever is standing there for the game of “here I am, catch me if you can”. They really remind me of Kramer on Seinfeld. You know how the door would swing open and he would stumble in. He just had that “look”, well the girls have that same look!

I am so thankful we built the coop in the garage. I know we have mountain lions, coyotes, raccoons, etc. But there is one very large Coyote that is showing up more and more. I just feel so much better that our little lovies are safe, inside.

And last, but certainly not least. A picture of Maggie. She worked so hard with her dad to get the coop finished. When it was time to get the chickens she and I got out the pine shaving and she spread them around inside while her dad was collecting our feathered friends. I turned around to grab something, it was less than a minutes time and I hear, “look mama! I’m making snow angels”. The deed was done, I let her do it. She had a blast. I had a heck of a mess to clean up!


2 thoughts on “He never gives us more than we can handle, right?

  1. I sure do hope things work out with your husband and his job. The garden looks wonderful.. yeah for the chickens they look happy in their home. Look at the last picture and you can see it..

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