Please help find this missing person

Before I got pregnant with Maggie I worked for the company that Bryan Scobey worked for. I worked in the Termite Dept and he was in Pest Control. I didn’t stay at the job long as I was put on strict bedrest and never returned to work, so I never got to know Bryan well. But what I do know is he was always smiling, always seemed happy and was an all around nice guy. Sadly he went missing on January 13th. Nobody has seen him or his work truck. He has just vanished.

Even if you don’t live in our immediate area, please take a look at his picture and what his truck looks like. You just never know what you might see.

If you click here you can see a little more information as well as a truck that is very similar to the one Bryan was driving. Help bring this man back to his wife and children safely.

Bring Bryan Home

Thank you!


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