30 Days of Beauty Challenge

30 Days of Beauty

Over at Blue Bird Baby there is a great challenge going on. Photograph 30 days worth of beauty. I think this is a great idea! The transition from late fall into early spring is one of the most beautiful things nature has given us.

We spent a lot of time out in the sun yesterday and I was thinking about how beautiful the scenery was around me. The warm sun beating down, green grass, birds chirping in trees, little green buds on the empty branches on the willow trees. Really, is there anything else that is so beautiful?

So here is one of the many pictures I took (before I knew about the challenge!). I was so inspired by the gorgeousness around me.

Click on photo to make larger

Late last fall this Willow tree in our front yard was filled with beautiful leaves. The tree hangs down so dainty but still somehow so strong. I don’t know how Chris found it, but this little birds nest was snuggled in deep inside the tree. I am amazed at how the mama bird made such a beautiful home for her sweet little eggs out of twigs, lint and whatever else she could find. She crafted it so carefully. It has survived many strong rain/wind storms. I am curious to see if she comes back this year.

I also love how she crafted her nest on delicate branches, far from the strong trunk where the kitties could easily grab it.

If you look past the nest you can see gorgeous blue sky and small little leaf buds forming.

I think this definitely qualifies to be in the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge!

Thank you to Julie at Bellamadris for posting about the challenge. Stop by her blog to check out her photos to!


One thought on “30 Days of Beauty Challenge

  1. Beautiful photo Bobbi! I will look forward to seeing the rest of your photos throughout the month. By the way, I love the look of your site – I haven't been by for awhile. Lookin' good đŸ™‚

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