Leprechaun Trap

It’s that time again!! We need to start watching out for that little sneaky Leprechaun to come around! Maggie and I have high hopes that we will catch him this year. We know he is pretty tricky and also very smart. Leprechauns are very careful to not get caught. We thought this trap would be perfect though. Its sparkly, we know Leprechauns like that! I hope we catch him!

You can make one too! Here is how!

  • Oatmeal can
  • Green Felt, Scrap paper, Craft Foam-anything green you want to use.
    –we used 2-12×12 pieces of Light Green Glitter Cardstock from Best Creation Inc. One piece to cover the can, the other for the brim
  • Yellow and Black Construction paper for band and buckle
  • Playdough for Rainbow
  • Cotton Balls for clouds
  • Straws for ladder
  • Gold Coins
  • 3 Green Straws

I covered the can with our green cardstock. Then we cut a trap in the top of the lid. A little square that we covered loosely with a piece of cardstock cut just slightly bigger than the hole. We did not glue or tape it down because this is the trap for the Leprechaun to fall into! I also took the second piece of cardstock and cut out the brim.

To make the band and buckle, we just cut out the pieces from construction paper and glued them on. I decided last minute to add some glitter for the buckle. You can never have too much sparkly when making a Leprechaun Trap!

We picked out our playdough colors for the rainbow. Took small amounts and rolled them into “snakes”. Once we got them all rolled out I slightly smooshed them together. Then I glued them to a piece of construction paper to make it sturdy enough to stand up on it’s own. Once we were done with our rainbow I glued on our clouds and placed our gold coins right by the trap door.

The ladder is easy but takes the most time because it needs to dry. If we make this again I will make the ladder first so it will be dry by the time we are done putting the trap together. We used 2 straws for the sides and cut up the third for the steps. We glued the steps on to the two other pieces.

Maggie and I really think we might actually catch a leprechaun this year! Are you making a trap for your house? How are you making yours?


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