Family Game Night

Last year we decided to turn the TV off for an hour (or so!) once a week and get together as a family and play a game or two, or three. We usually pick one game and play it however many times it takes to get tired and decide to quit. We have a decent variety of card and board games, and I have even found a couple cute games online to print out and play.

Last week our game of choice was Chutes and Ladders. Maggie likes to get the games set up for us. Here are a few action shots….

We are going to play something new to our family this week. We are going to play Tiddlywinks. Instead of buying the game I went to Walmart and bought some colored buttons. I thought that would be fun to use, and cheaper than buying the actual game. I can remember my dad and I playing our own version of Tiddlywinks with pennies when I was little.

Do you have Family Game Night with your family? What games do you play?

Make sure you head over to The Work of Childhood and link up on MckLinky and see who else is playing games! You never know what new fun game you will find!


2 thoughts on “Family Game Night

  1. We have family game night, but the night varies. We love to play Uno because the rounds are quick, my five year old can play (and usually wins) and you don't have to think hard, which is a plus when mom and dad are tired!!! We don't keep score, we just say that whoever gets rid of their cards wins, and we play many rounds!

  2. πŸ˜€ Thanks for linking up! I love the shots! I am determined to get some actual action shots again this week! I was too focused on making sure DH didn't cheat ROFL!! I am looking forward to your Tiddlywinks post! I have never played!! I have a feeling that Cheeky will pick Chutes & Ladders this next week πŸ™‚

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