Bullock’s Oriole

I saw this beautiful bird this morning while I was looking out my front window.  I actually snapped this picture in between my blinds so I wouldn’t make it fly away by going outside.  I have never seen this bird before so I was pretty excited to spot it.  I quickly took pictures and came back to the computer to identify him.  I found out he is a Bullock’s Oriole. 
After I got the pictures I wanted, Maggie and I snuck outside and watched him flutter around in our Weeping Willows.  He was so content and happy, and sang a beautiful song!
I was kind of bummed though because I got a couple of really great close ups and accidentally deleted both.  {sigh}
A few minutes later this little guy came buzzing by for a quick meal too…..
I just love hummingbirds!


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