Egg Geodes, pt 2

Day 9.  This has been an interesting project!  A lot has happened since Day 1!
*Click on pictures to make bigger
How did we do this?  Well, it was pretty simple!
Save some of your eggshells that you have used.  When you are getting ready to use your egg, crack the top and let the egg drip out.  I used a spoon to crack the top so I could control what was breaking.  You can remove as much or as little eggshell as you want.   Make sure you clean them out VERY well, especially the membrane (this took time…kind of a pain!).  You don’t want mold! 
Next you need to boil up some water.  I used a 1/2 C at a time.  This filled 2 eggs.  When the water is boiling add in anything that dissolves in water.  You can use Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Sugar, Cream of Tartar, Borax, etc.  Put as much in that will dissolve in water.  Add food coloring.  Then wait. 
Here is a more close up look at our project and what we used:

Sea Salt.  Funny how they are so different from each other even though it was the same batch of water.  I wonder if it had anything to do with they type of egg we used.  The brown is fresh laid from our hens.  The white was store bought egg, so they are much older than fresh laid. 

White Sugar
Sea Salt

Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt 
These were suppose to be Borax but I accidentally poured Epsom Salt in.  {sigh}
I think I am going to let the experiment go another week and see what happens!

We have been doing a lot of Rockhounding lately, so this is tying in perfectly.  We even found some of our own real geodes. 

This was a fun activity for Maggie and I. Her dad even got a curious and would check on the eggs. So this is something the whole family can get involved in! I would love to see pictures of yours if you do an Egg Geode experiment!

Thanks to Roots and Wings Co for the great idea!


14 thoughts on “Egg Geodes, pt 2

  1. Those Geodes are cool. Wish I had done that when my kids were younger. I am here thru FF ! Neat blog. Please stop by and visit me when you have a chance. I want 100 followers before the weekend! Why? dunno…LOL

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