Nature Resource for Arbor Day!

The National Arbor Day Foundation has  free educational resources to help connect your children with nature. The program is called Nature Explore Families’ Club and it offers free resources that you can use with your family or within the context of your homeschool co-op, school, club or neighborhood!
The Families’ Club kit has everything you need to connect families with the outdoors and each other, while introducing them to a variety of natural spaces in the community.

With the Families’ Club kit, you will find easy to use, developmentally appropriate activities designed to engage families in exploring the natural world together. The free Club kit includes general information and customizable forms to get started ,a facilitator’s guide with helpful hints on organization, and nine visual, child-friendly activity sheets with facilitator notes specific to each one.

Go here to get your free kit

Also, don’t forget to sign up for your Resource Book. 


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