Moving: We found the house!

I’m so excited.  The house we really wanted….we got!  Did I mention how excited I am!  I am jumping around doing the happy dance.  Be happy you are reading about it and not witnessing it.  It ain’t pretty, however it is fun!

Besides getting a beautiful new house, the most exciting thing is getting rid of Danielle and Alan.  Our neighbors.  Or as we refer to them, the neighbors from hell.  I heard a quote the other day that is very fitting:
Going to church doesn’t make you any more a Christian than going to the garage makes you a car“.  How true this is.

They have been a great reminder to me that when you profess Christianity you need to really watch how you present yourself to the world.  You never know who is watching.  So, if you decide to get a big tattoo of “Forgiven” on the side of your leg, or the words “Holy Spirit” tattooed on the back of your arms, you better make sure you are living/acting/behaving accordingly.  I have noticed myself saying and doing things I normally wouldn’t out of frustration with them.  I hate the thoughts I have had and things I have said.  It’s amazing how quickly a situation can take over.
Enough about them.

I really hate moving, but I am excited and feeling inspired about decorating!  I like the house we are in.  It’s ok.  But my decorating mojo has suffered.  In fact, it has done more than suffer, it left the building!  But, I feel it coming back. The ideas are floating around in my head.  The decorating blogs are once again at my fingertips.  Ideas are a comin’!  I have several projects on the back-burner.  Waiting to get boxes unpacked so I can start!  I love turning a house into a home.  I’ve got some really great inexpensive projects that are itchin’ for me to do! 

But, I still have to pack this house before I can do anything with the new house!


3 thoughts on “Moving: We found the house!

  1. Congrat on getting the house you wanted! That is not only very time consuming, but ver exciting. We are looking at a 120 acre property coming up for auction in Sept….scary and exciting all at the same time. Best wishes!

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