In the Garden

The garden is coming along quite nicely!  I have been so pleasantly surprised with how everything is coming around.  We are getting closer to harvesting some things.  Potatoes, onions and strawberries are on the list of firsts.  Speaking of strawberries, I have my first ripe berry!  It’s from a bare-root plant that we got from a friend at school.  She gave me 30-40 bare-root plants awhile ago.  I was so excited to add then to the already existing strawberry patches!  We are gonna have a ton of berries!  I am so proud of my tiny little ruby, here is a picture of it!
(Click on picture to make larger)

I know it sounds a bit funny, but looking at my chives makes me very happy.  I love the little purple flowers.  They are just so pretty.  

(Click on picture to make larger)

Potatoes, oh how I love thee!  These guys are growing so incredibly fast.  I can’t wait until they are ready.  Hmmmm,  a potatoes and chives dish is in our future?

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I planted a ton of jewel colored nasturtiums in the garden.  Flowers and leaves will go nicely in a garden salad.
Hopefully there will be some left.  Maggie is enjoying the leaves already.  I’m looking forward to more color in the garden!
(Click on picture to make larger)

Here is an overview shot of the front part of the garden.  It’s hard to tell, but there is bok choi, hot and sweet peppers, lettuce, chard, cucumbers, tomatoes and a bunch of other things planted here.  Can’t wait to see this spot full of big overflowing plants!
Chris and I were standing out looking over the garden last night and laughing that something in this garden is gonna HAVE to give us food!  We planted way more than we needed worried that plants wouldn’t survive.  So far it looks like we are going to get something from everything we planted!  Hopefully we have enough family and friends who will want fresh produce!


4 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. Very nice. Your climate must be a bit warmer than here. A couple more weeks for strawberries for us. At our old house I started bare root strawberries and by the end of the summer they were all over the raised bed. Sadly we moved over the winter and I can not find the bare root strawberries anywhere. Had to buy a full size plant for a higher price tag. Grrr. Your potatoes and chives look lovely too!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Tracy! I hope you are able to find some berries! Sadly my sweet berry in the picture above fell victim to a hungry bird! UGH! But, I kinda expected it! Hopefully you warm up enough soon so you can enjoy some fresh strawberries! 🙂

  3. Howdy Leah! Hopefully you can start planting soon! So fun, relaxing and rewarding! I just can't wait until everything in my garden grows a bit more and fills in the "empty" spaces! lol

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