Oakparkhatesveggies Petition, please sign!

I normally don’t ask for people to sign petitions on my blog, or get political, but I am going to today because I think this is REALLY important.  You may have read my post about the Bass family and their battle with Oak Park, MI to let them keep their front yard garden.  Julie is now facing 93 days in jail, yes folks you read that right…..93 days in jail for having a garden in her yard.  Jail!  Seriously?  I thought jail was for criminals, not moms growing a garden to produce organic foods for their family!  Anyway, there is now a petition and we need you to sign it.  Every signature counts.  Every single one.  So please, it takes a brief moment, you can be anonymous if it makes you feel better.  Here is a quick link for you Stop the Prosecution of the Bass Family and let them keep their garden!
Thank you friends!  

One thought on “Oakparkhatesveggies Petition, please sign!

  1. I have a garden in my front yard also. It is beautiful and functional. We have been picking and eating the produce for about three weeks now and will continue to do just that until into late fall and beyond.

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