Goodbye little duckies….

Don’t you just hate it when your last blog entry is full of happy and excitement only to have to turn around and blog about something sad?  Well, I’m gonna try to not do that.  Although I do have something sad to blog about I am going to end this post with happy news! In my last entry I was so excited about our sweet little ducks.  It is with great sadness that I have to say sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning something (probably a raccoon)  killed 2 of the Khaki Campbell’s and severely injured one of the Ancona’s.   I am absolutely heartbroken.  We have had chickens now for several years with no sickness or injuries or death.  So this is really hitting me hard.  And the fact that they were just babies makes it even harder. Sweet Pea has now become a “house duck”.  Her right-wing has been completely chewed off up to the bone.  Her right leg was torn a  bit also.  Then the muscle under her left-wing is exposed.  It wasn’t until later Saturday afternoon we noticed her throat had been torn too.  Luckily no major organs or arteries were hit.  She has been so sweet and loving to us.  We are spoiling her rotten, after all, she does deserve it!  I have already decided she will have a small indoor cage and will get to go play outside supervised when we go outside when she heals.

This picture was taken right after we brought her in and cleaned her up.  We washed her off and have been using Vetericyn Wound Spray on her open wounds to help prevent infection.  She has been eating and drinking like a champ.  Although she has really been staying off her leg today.  I am hoping and praying that she will be ok.

So that’s the sad/bad news.  Let’s get on to happy news!

We are going to be moving (yes, again!) in the late Summer or Early Fall.  I am beyond excited!  Two acres.  Two acres of open canvas for us to work with.  I’ve been making sketches and diagrams of the property.  I’m kind of like a kid in a candy store right now.  Here is a small peak into the property:

I am so excited because we are going to be back in the town we call “home”.  It is literally minutes away from where we both work.  And we can have all our animals and settle in for a long while!  The owner of the property knows we are wanting 5+ years and is happy about that.  It’s a win-win!  I’m really tired of working on property only to have it fall through our hands.  That’s not going to happen this time!  🙂



One thought on “Goodbye little duckies….

  1. Losing any of our animals is always hard. I’m sorry for your loss!

    However I’m so very happy about your wonderful news!! God is so good!! It will be great for y’all to have a place to call “HOME”!

    And I’m glad that Sweet Pea is doing so well!

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