It’s Twins!


We FINALLY got baby goats.  We have waited so long for this to happen!  Our sweet little Sunni surprised us Thursday afternoon with two little bucklings.

I knew she was close, but I didn’t think it was going to happen on Thursday.  Typically I come home at lunch and check on everyone.  Thursday I didn’t.  I got home about 3:30 went into the goat house and saw something behind one of the other goats.  I was trying to figure out which chicken it was.  Then it hit me.  It’s not a chicken, it’s a baby goat!  So I looked around to see if there were any more and SURPRISE! found the second one.

I was so proud of Sunni.  It’s her first freshening and I was really worried about the birthing process.  But she did it.

She has been such a good mama.


Meet Jack……



And here is sweet Nixon (aka Nix)




Today Chris made a temporary fence around the birthing house so everyone could come out and play.  They are so adorable hopping around.  What a perfect start to Spring!

Our rabbits, Ivy and Maple are due to kindle tomorrow – which is April Fool’s Day.  So curious to see if they birth early like last time.  If so we will have Easter babies.  Either way we are so excited about all this new birth and happy beginnings!  This is what it’s all about!



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