Spring has sprung!

It has been crazy busy around here!  As you know we had baby goats Jack and Nixon, but the fun didn’t stop there!  On April 3 Maple had 6 darling little kits!  April 2013 002 1And then a day later Ivy had 7 kits!  Both had babies in March and all died.  I am so thankful that these little guys (and gals!) are happy and healthy!  I have to admit though that there is one that is really capturing my heart.  Our does are Californian and our buck is Californian/Flemish X.  All the babies are these fat little white furry dots, except for one.  It’s considerably smaller and a beautiful silver color.  It’s totally healthy for being so much smaller.  A scrappy little thing.  I am always for the underdog, so this little bugger is really tugging at my heart-strings.  Since I was little I have always had a thing for the “different” ones.  The most misshaped pumpkin, the runt of the litter, the Christmas tree with the funky hole in it.  So of course there would be one little rabbit that catches my eye.  So much for going with the theory of using the same breed of white rabbit so they would all look the same and make the transition from baby bunnies to freezer food a little easier.  {sigh}2013-04-12 02.17.23
I am truly amazed at how quickly they grow!  Maples kits opened their eyes on Friday and Ivy’s babies opened on Sat/Sun.  They are so lively and so quick!  Trying to hold on to one isn’t that easy!

Here is Maple’s crew checking out their new digs.  Mama’s and babies got moved into the Rabbit  Condo this weekend.
2013-04-11 20.49.50 1

I am in heaven with our animals right now!  We even milked Sunni (Jack and Nix’s mama) for the first time yesterday.  Things are slowly moving along at PLH and I could be happier!

Life is good!


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